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The story of the Buddhist Monk and the Beautiful Woman

Once upon a time, there was a Buddhist monk who lived in a temple in a remote mountainous area. One day, while he was walking by a river, he saw a beautiful young woman standing on the bank, unable to cross because the water was too deep.

Buddhist monk and beautiful woman

The monk approached her and asked if she needed any help. The young woman explained that she was trying to cross the river to get to her village on the other side but was afraid of the strong currents. The monk offered to help her and carried her across the river on his back.

The young woman thanked the monk and went on her way. The monk continued his journey back to the temple, but his mind was troubled. As a Buddhist monk, he had taken a vow of celibacy, and he was not supposed to have any contact with women. He felt guilty for having touched the young woman and worried that he had broken his vows.

When he arrived at the temple, he told his fellow monks about what had happened and expressed his concern. One of the older monks listened to his story and replied, “Brother, you have carried the woman across the river, but you are still carrying her in your mind. Let go of your guilt and move on.”

The younger monk realized that he had been holding onto his guilt unnecessarily. He had done a good deed by helping the young woman and there was no harm done. From that day on, he let go of his guilt and focused on his spiritual practice, knowing that he had acted with compassion and kindness.

Moral of the Story

The story of the Buddhist monk and the beautiful woman reminds us that it is important to let go of our worries and concerns and focus on the present moment. By carrying the burden of our past actions, we prevent ourselves from moving forward and experiencing the joy and beauty of life. Instead, we should learn from our mistakes, forgive ourselves and others, and focus on our spiritual growth and inner peace.

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