3 Laughing Monks Story

Once upon a time, there were three monks who lived in a monastery. They were known throughout the land for their infectious laughter and joyful spirits.

One day, a traveler came to the monastery seeking enlightenment. He was surprised to find the monks laughing and joking with each other, even during their daily meditations.

The traveler asked the monks, “Why are you always laughing and smiling? Shouldn’t you be serious and focused on your spiritual practices?”

The first monk replied, “We laugh because life is a gift, and we should enjoy it. We do not take ourselves too seriously, for that would make us miserable.”

The second monk added, “Laughter is the best medicine. It helps us to release stress and negativity from our bodies and minds.”

The third monk said, “We also laugh because we know that joy and happiness are powerful spiritual practices. When we are happy, we attract positive energy and good karma into our lives.”

The traveler was amazed by the monks’ wisdom and joyful spirits. He stayed at the monastery for several days, learning from them and sharing in their laughter.

In the end, the traveler left the monastery feeling renewed and inspired. He had learned that laughter and joy were not only good for the body and mind but also powerful tools for spiritual growth and enlightenment. He realized that life was meant to be enjoyed and that laughter was an important part of that enjoyment.

Bala Kumar

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