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How John Overcome his Lust Thoughts? (Moral Story)

Once there was a young man named John who struggled with lustful thoughts and desires. He knew that these thoughts were wrong, but he found it difficult to resist them. He prayed to God for help, but he still found himself struggling.

Overcome Lust Thoughts

One day, John decided to seek the advice of an older, wise man in his community. The older man listened patiently as John shared his struggles with lust. After John finished speaking, the older man shared a story with him.

There was once a young man who also struggled with lustful desires. One day, he went to the top of a mountain and found a wise sage who lived there. The young man asked the sage for advice on how to overcome his lust.

The sage handed the young man a handful of small pebbles and instructed him to place one pebble in his pocket each time he had a lustful thought or desire. The young man did as he was told, and soon his pockets were filled with pebbles.

The young man returned to the sage and showed him the pebbles. The sage instructed him to throw them one by one off the edge of the mountain. The young man did as he was told, and with each pebble he threw, he felt a sense of release and freedom from his lustful desires.

John listened carefully to the story and asked the older man what it meant. The older man explained that the pebbles represented the lustful thoughts and desire that John was struggling with. By acknowledging and letting go of each thought, John could gradually overcome his lust.

From that day forward, John made a conscious effort to acknowledge and let go of his lustful thoughts and desires. He found that with each passing day, it became easier to resist them. Over time, John was able to overcome his lust and live a more peaceful and virtuous life.

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