Is it wrong to aim high?

We are often taught to shoot for the stars. Aim high and you’ll be rewarded with great success. But is this mentality always the best approach? How high is too high? And what if shooting for the stars doesn’t even leave you with a star at the end of the day? In this post, we’ll explore whether it’s wrong to aim high and offer some tips on how to achieve your goals without sacrificing your morals.

Why Aim High?

There are two schools of thought on this issue. The first school of thought dictates that you should aim high because the higher you aim, the more successful you will become. Learn why is it important to aim high to success

Aim high because the higher you aim, the more successful you will become

If you are aiming at something within reach, then there’s no reason for it to be a challenge and therefore no need to improve yourself if your goal is already achievable. Sure it may take time, but there is no real need for self-improvement in the meantime nor any attempt to push past your limitations. But what happens when we do push ourselves? What happens when we set our sights just outside our capabilities? Don’t we learn new skills, gain valuable experience and expand our potential all while achieving something truly amazing before us? It makes sense right?

But what if it doesn’t work out? What if we miss the mark and fail miserably in the process? Do we get discouraged? If our goal was too high, then maybe so. In this case, failure is a possibility and something that might affect us mentally or emotionally. However, even in this situation of failure, it’s still not wrong to aim high. There may be an initial letdown but there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from trial and error that will help build your future success.

It’s never wrong to aim high

The second school of thought is that it’s never wrong to aim high. However, aiming too low simply isn’t right either and can even be considered lazy and unambitious. If we’re talking about the long-term goals we have for ourselves and how we want our lives to turn out then anything less than that just won’t do because it means you aren’t trying hard enough or aren’t reaching your full potential as a person.

It seems like this might be idealistic but ultimately every single one of us has aspirations in life whether those are ambitions or wishes. So why not shoot as high as you can? The worst thing that could happen is that you fail and start over again from square one. But there would only be a lesson learned in that case, not a failure.

So when does one cross the line from ambitious to simply unrealistic? This is always going to be subjective because ultimately all of us are working towards different goals in life. And maybe achieving one goal won’t even make you happy anymore either. So what’s the point in aiming high if it doesn’t even leave you satisfied? But I think most people would agree that there has to be some kind of consensus on what’s achievable and what’s just too much.

As you can see, both schools of thought have merit. It’s certainly not wrong to aim high and it would also be foolish not to attempt something that could move your life forward in a positive direction. The truth is, most people tend to aim too low without even knowing that they’re doing so. Their goals are so far below what they could achieve if they put their minds to it that they never have a reason for self-improvement because nothing will ever be enough for them at the end of the day.

Achieve your goals without sacrificing your morals

To achieve your goals without sacrificing your morals, you need to try and stay as objective as possible. There’s a certain thrill associated with setting the bar higher instead of easier but ultimately it all comes down to what kind of person you are. If you’re not happy where you are today then by all means set a goal that will allow you to improve yourself.

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But if success is already familiar or even mundane to you, then perhaps aiming lower might be a better approach. This way, the process of achieving your goals becomes more about the journey rather than reaching some kind of threshold. Most importantly though, never sacrifice your morals just for the sake of getting ahead in life because that will only cause problems for yourself and those you love in the long run.

At the end of this day, all we can do is aim as high as possible and hope for the best result. Whatever happens though, just remember to always be satisfied with what you have because nothing will ever change if you’re not happy with where you are right now. That being said, good luck!