Falcon Baby With Chicks – Life’s Lesson

Once a farmer found an egg, he rejoiced in joy and put the newly found egg with the other eggs. Hen started incubating it and soon enough a little falcon hatched.

The farmer named it Falcon Baby and raised it like his own child, he even fed it with worms and mice which were not the normal diet for a falcon but Falcon Baby grew up healthy and strong nonetheless.

But as time passed by, Falcon Baby started to feel suffocated under the farmer’s care and yearned to be free like the other falcons, soaring high in the sky.

One day, Falcon Baby saw a group of falcons flying above him and decided to join them. The farmer tried to stop it but Falcon Baby didn’t listen, it spread its wings and flew away with its new family.

The farmer was heartbroken, he couldn’t understand why Falcon Baby left him. But little did he know that it was just Falcon Baby’s way of finding its true purpose and fulfilling its own destiny.

Moral of The Story

This experience taught the farmer to let go and trust that everything has its own path to follow, just like how Falcon Baby found its true place in the sky with its fellow falcons. So, let go and trust that everything will fall into its rightful place.