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Buddha’s Story For Women – The Mustard Seeds

A mother couldn’t agree with the fact that her child had died. She took the child in her arms and started running around asking for help. And, this would mean that a Physician can raise her child from the dead. But, all in vain.

One villager dared enough to tell her that there was no physician in the village who can raise her child from the dead. But, he would say that the Buddha was on his way to the village. She was ready to go to him too.

When the Buddha finally arrived in the village, he was shocked to see the mother running around with her child in her arms, asking for help. He tried to calm her down and asked what had happened. Upon hearing his words, she immediately gave up hope of getting any kind of help from him.

But that did not stop the Buddha from trying to find a solution. And finally, he came across an idea.

He told the mother that if she could gather a handful of mustard seeds from anywhere in the village, it would be enough for him to know that there was someone in the village who did not suffer a personal loss.

The mother agreed with tears in her eyes and started gathering seeds from everyone she could find in the village. To her surprise, no one had escaped this tragedy of losing someone close to them. She then realized that it was only natural for people to experience such painful losses, and she had to let go of her grief.

And with that, she finally found the peace and consolation she had been looking for all along. In this way, the Buddha helped the mother find comfort in his words and ultimately move on from her pain.

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The story of Buddha’s compassion for women is a powerful reminder of how we can find strength and hope even in the darkest of times. Through his wisdom and compassion, he was able to help the mother overcome her grief and find peace in the face of tremendous loss. If you are struggling with a similar challenge, it may be helpful to turn to someone like Buddha for guidance and support. In time, you too can find healing and peace in the midst of your struggles.

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