Buddha and Philosopher Story – Power of Silence

A renowned philosopher of Buddha’s time paid a visit to the gentle soul’s place. He had many questions running through his mind that he wanted to clear up with Buddha. When his time came, he started asking Buddha one after another, eager for an answer.

But Buddha remained silent, not saying a word until the philosopher grew frustrated and left. One of his disciples asked why he did not speak to the philosopher, to which Buddha replied, “When a person is filled with questions, they are not ready to hear the answers.”

This exemplifies the power of silence in not only allowing someone the time and space to process their thoughts but also in knowing when the time is right for dialogue. As Buddha teaches us, sometimes it is better to be silent and let things unfold naturally rather than try to force a solution. That is true wisdom and understanding.

Moral Of The Story

This can also be applied to our daily lives, whether it is in a heated argument or simply trying to understand someone else’s perspective. Instead of speaking and possibly saying something we may regret later on, it is better to take a step back and practice the power of silence in order to truly listen and comprehend the situation at hand.